Mayweather vs Paul Live

Logan Paul has undergone an incredible body transformation

Logan Paul has undergone an incredible body transformation since turning his hand from YouTube to boxing.

The 25-year-old is set to face Floyd Mayweather in a super fight on February 20 and will need to be at peak fitness levels.

He will have the clear height and weight advantage over ‘Money’, with the weight being down to a rigorous training program.

Before fighting fellow YouTuber KSI, he explained that he was drinking cow’s blood and eating up to 80lbs of food every day

“I’m eating 80lbs a day. I’m drinking the blood of cows and I’m pushing a lot of weights up in the air and putting them down.”

Paul’s younger brother Jake also boxes and recently defeated former NBA point guard Nate Robinson.

The duo trained with Shannon Briggs and he was very impressed with their technique.

When asked about Logan, he replied: “This kid could be heavyweight champion of the world in four or five years, facts.”

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